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Source:  Longmont Power & Communications 
Community-owned generation and distribution facilities provide reliable, low-cost, environmentally responsible electricity from Platte River Power Authority.
Small Commercial (Demand under 50kW/month): 
Service Charge = $20.20/month                                                                                
Energy Charge = $0.0792/kWh                                                                                  
Large Commercial (Demand from 50 to 800 kW/month):
Service Charge = $82.50/month                                                                                
Demand Charge = $10.40/kW                                                                                    
Energy Charge = $0.0472/kWh                                                                                
Industrial (Demand 800 kW/month and above): 
Rates vary by customer based on their individual cost of service. 

Service Charge = $12.40/month
Energy Charge - 0-750 kWh = $0.0755/kWh
Energy Charge - 751-1500 kWh = $0.08721/kWh
Energy Charge - 1501 and above kWh = $0.0999/kWh


Besides offering several local and national providers, Longmont has built NextLight™, a citywide community-owned 100% fiber-optic broadband network that offers Fiber-to-the-Premises for both commercial and residential customers within the city limits.  With NextLight’s unmatched combination of speed and affordability, Colorado’s first “Gigabit City” is positioned to be a leader in digital communications and a global information hub.    

Commercial Internet Services
  • Speeds available up to 1Gbps; higher speeds provided on custom basis
  • Rates from $49.95 (25 Mbps) to $799.95 (1Gbps)
  • Symmetrical speeds and static IP available
  • Digital Voice phone service available beginning at $22.95/month with term discounts and free nationwide long distance



Source:  City of Longmont                                                                                           
Small commercial users:  $3.73/1,000 gallons
Large commercial users:  Negotiated
Average daily flow:  13.75 million gallons/day
Peak flow:  30.79 million gallons/day 
System capacity:  54.75 million gallons/day                                                                    
Additional monthly charge for: 
                2” meter = $43.01/month                                                                              
                4” meter = $133.56/month                                                                            
                6” meter = $263.44/month


Source:  City of Longmont                                                                                           

All users volume charge:  $5.38/1,000 gallons
All users monthly service charge:  $11.50/month
Average daily flow:  7.00 million gallons/day 
Peak flow:  15.99 million gallons/day 
System capacity:  13 million gallons/day*
System capacity:  22.1 million gallons/day**

*(Average daily flow during maximum month)
**(Peak daily flow)                                                                 


Source:  Xcel Energy                                                                                      

Commercial Small - CSG:
Service charge:  $32.08/month
Usage charge:  $0.11676/therm
Monthly minimum:  $32.08                                                                  
Commercial Large - CLG:
Service charge:  $65.12/month
Usage charge:  $0.1854/therm
Capacity charge:  Per peak day quantity in Dth:  $6.75
Monthly minimum:  Service charge and facility charge plus the capacity charge.
Residential - RG:                                                                                              
Service charge:  $11.15/month                                                                  
Commodity charge:  $0.08440/therm
Monthly minimum:  $11.15
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Circle Graphics took advantage of the City of Longmont's energy efficiency program. Read More

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