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Longmont is uniquely positioned at the intersection of high technology and traditional manufacturing. With deep roots in agriculture, manufacturing and high tech, Longmont has grown as a residential destination with a welcoming nature, vibrant outdoor lifestyle, and a do-it-yourself attitude. The city’s publicly-owned utility offers some of the most affordable and reliable service in the state, and residents recently voted to continue expansion of the public, fiber optic broadband network, a priceless asset for businesses and residents alike. Geographically located between two major research universities, Longmont draws from a broad pool of talent, including manufacturing workers and software engineers. Longmont offers a joining of affordability, infrastructure, workforce, education, and quality of life that is rare and increasingly sought in the modern economy.


View the full Advance Longmont strategic plan.

This strategy will assist Longmont in recruiting and retaining quality businesses, improving the local business climate, increasing entrepreneurial opportunities, and optimizing the organizational effectiveness of local economic development efforts.
Of the many goals and tactics offered in this Strategy, several stand out as immediate economic development priorities for Advance Longmont:
  • Marketing & Branding.  Getting the word out regarding Longmont’s existing economic development assets is the highest priority. As the City begins enhancing its business infrastructure, a marketing campaign will let local businesses and outside audiences know about the significant existing competitive advantages to doing business in Longmont. As soon as this Strategy is complete, Steering Committee members, LAEC board members, City staff, and others can begin crafting a marketing plan of action.
  • Building Inventory. Despite many advantages, Longmont currently has a shortage of the competitive modern office, commercial, and industrial space desired by businesses. Numerous businesses across the Front Range are looking for locations to expand and grow. Longmont needs to immediately begin work to identify, redevelop and construct the competitive buildings necessary to capture these opportunities.
  • Redevelopment.  Longmont has many unique physical assets that can accelerate economic development and build a unique brand identity. These assets include the St. Vrain River Corridor, former Butterball plant, sugar plant, downtown Main Street, and Boulder County Fairgrounds. They all individually present significant opportunities and, if redeveloped in conjunction with a new comprehensive plan, have the potential to be game changers.
  • Entrepreneurship.  Longmont is staged to be a regional center for entrepreneurship and innovation but must begin work to capture more second stage manufacturing and other technology companies from Front Range universities. Create incubator and maker space that these businesses need while telling them about the significant local opportunities for startups.

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